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Innovative Solutions

Creative Ways of Solving Problems

Creativity is the fuel of innovation. We believe in establishing unique approaches to solving problems. As leading companies know, it's no longer enough to be good in the ever changing world of technology.
At Surge, we embody the creative process in all our work to give our clients the very best


ESG Focused

Environmentally Consious

At Surge, we consider how  our activities affect the environment.
Our process  involves identifying impact and long term effects on our local environment as well as mindful awareness of our contribution to reducing emissions.

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Our Services

Your Digital Marketing

Our team will discuss effective digital marketing strategies to enable your business to find its place online. Digital marketing encompasses a whole host of services that can be overwhelming to tackle alone. We understand that and work to make your online experience as easy as possible.
From Social Media, Custom Web Hosting and Optimisation we do it all. Contact us to find out more about how you can benefit from our digital marketing

Digital Transformation

Files are cumbersome.
Do away with traditional filing systems and move all your documents, files and analytics online. We ensure you have the best tools to efficiently manage and take control of your business.
Talk to us about all your digital needs.

Custom Website Building
& Management

Take your business online.
Generate leads, be found on search engines (SEO) and host your website on
the cloud.
Get responsive websites built in weeks, not months.
Never before has online presence matter more. Get online with us

Digital Transformation

Systems Integration & Migration

Businesses rely on many different types of software and applications for their day-to-day .
We integrate systems APIs, relational Databases and more to give you clearer insight into your business analytics and modernise how you do business

Scale Faster with Serverless Infrastructure

Scale at the speed of Cloud with less infrastructure and higher availability at the Edge. We help businesses of all sizes. Big or Small, we'll get your infrastructure hosted on the cloud.

Deploy Hybrid-Cloud Environments

One size does not fit all. We understand this. By deploying critical applications, business infrastructure and more your organisation benefits from the best the cloud has to offer. Talk to us about setting up a hybrid cloud environment to take control of your business anywhere.

Cloud Services & System Integration


Business is Tough.
Automation makes managing your business
easier and more flexible allowing you to focus on Day-to-Day
and other issues while functions run in the background.
Benefit from automated services with Surge, Today.

Cloud Services

For specific applications, we deploy multiple assets to our private cloud to better secure, manage and maintain your business.

Outsourced I.T System Management

We offer Multiple managed services to enable your business to focus on its core functions and spend less time on software and hardware issues. This is what we do best, so you can do the best for your business.

Cloud Diagram

B2B Services

We support businesses all the way. From marketing specialists
to equipment and cloud services. We are your team that runs
your technology.

B2B Services

Premium Equipment Service

Through our partnerships with leading Manufactures. We are able to offer equipment procurement services. Allow us to recommend suitable IT equipment for all your business needs.

Equipment topological diagram

E-Commerce Platform Integration

We work with some of the best in the business including BigCommerce & Shopify to get your products displayed, generate more leads and ensure your business is maximising its online presence.
Wait no more. Contact us today and start selling online.

All Your Software Needs

Work with us to improve your current technology stack.
We recommend platforms and software to enable you
and your business to better manage organisational problems
with the aid of software from leading vendors


Benefit from our comprehensive industry partnerships with leading software vendors. Gain flexible access on a rolling monthly basis to enable your business to do more with less.
Scale at the speed of technology.

The Universe of Software


Internal Experience

Over 100

Dedicated Developers to assist you

Global Reach

with our Partners and Networks on 4 Continents


Video hours

Serverless Infrastructure

Scale Your Business Flexibly and Faster with less infrastructure and higher availability

At Surge, we focus on bring together industry leading  infrastructure, quality customer service to provide tailored solutions for all our customers.


Consult us on:

Sustainable Energy

  • -Smart Grid Topology:
    Consult on the functioning of Smart Grids and the Role Networks play in optimisation
  • -Smart ESS:
    Smart Energy Storage Systems ensuring grid efficiency as well as other functions such as load balancing
  • -Off Grid Systems:
    Harnessing Renewable Energy resources for Home and Business allowing for uninterrupted power-supply
  • -Hybrid Generation Systems (Harnessing Mixed Renewable Resources):
    Talk to us about leveling electrical generation curve with hybrid renewable integration
  • -Smart Electricity Cost Saving (Home & Business):
    Save on Electricity bills by harnessing renewable Energy to power home and enterprise.
  • -Microgrid-Grid Systems:
    For Utility companies, enterprise or government, consult us on efficient micro-grid topology allowing for Efficient Energy Harvesting and Distribution.
  • -Energy Analytics & Data:
    Gain better analytical understanding of electrical generation and distributed grid assets by gathering data to optimise generation.
  • -Grid Management Software:
    Work with us and our growing network of leading software providers to bring efficiency to your Utility Operations.

Smart Home
And Business

  • Monitored  Systems
  • Smart Home Systems
    Have 24/7 Insight into your home. View, manage and secure your home from anywhere.
  • Surveillance & Security
    Connect Multiple security devices to ensure your home or business is safe from leakages, break-ins and is constantly monitored
  • Secure Entry
    Hassle Free Entry solutions provisioned through various keys, ranging from mobile device integration to smart cards and biometric entry. Talk to us about custom solutions for both home and business. We take advantage of IOT platforms providers to create our own sensors and technology, as well as expanding our partner network.
  • Business Smart Systems
    Unlock business flexibility with our smart stack business consultation. Area's we provision include:
    -Cloud POS Systems
    -Cloud Business Management
    -Automated Accounting
    -Inventory Management
  • IOT Systems
  • Automated Snaitization Systems
  • IOT Networks

Our Subsidiaries

Global Energy

Surge Energy

We're innovating changing how electricity is generated.
Focusing on Smart Grids, ESS and Alternative Storage and Generation Methods

Secure Smart Devices

Surge Smart Devices

We're Building a Host of IoT Devices to help you gain more insight and analytics through the power of our Smart Home and Smart Business Devices

Wireless connectivity


Next Generation Wireless Networks.
Coming Soon

Upcoming Applications

Letts Commerce

Letts Commerce Application

Lett's Commerce is a platform designed and conceptualized by the Surge Founding team. The application aims to modernise local and international transactions and provide a platform for customers and sellers to easily purchase goods hassle free.

We'll post More information about Lett's closer to our upcoming Launch Date


Enabling all to Benefit from the lending.
This application will change our local banking and loaning facility.
Stay tuned to find out more.

L3NDER (lender) Mockup

Secure your Business Data

Store you Data on The Cloud

Security is a top priority at Surge. We understand the growing threat surfaces and vectors that allow for malicious actors to infiltrate critical data. Don't be sorry, be safe with us at Surge.

Secure Data

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