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LinQ Finance is Surge Technologies fintech product. We've worked hard to bring new, relevant and innovative solutions to our country (Malawi) and around Africa. Scroll down to find out more about LinQ Finance.

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Know Your Money

LinQ helps you track your expenses through multiple accounts and payment methods. We bring all your finances together and help you optimize your spending.

Send Money Anywhere

Send money across the world without the hassle  of going through the bank. Easily use multiple methods to send and receive money instantly.

Pay How You Want

Use LinQ to pay for all your daily expenses with multiple payment methods available to you.

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Did You Know?
LinQ Finance is One of Malawi's top Fintechs

LinQ Is Malawi's Most Innovative

"LinQ Finance is an innovator in the fintech category, We look forward to seeing the product out soon"

Mr. Weluzani

National Bank

We're Changing

LinQ Finance Becomes LinQFi